Reasons To Wear Compression Socks during Pregnancy

If you ask women, pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of her life with all the lovely changes happening inside her.

Making her skin to glow and adding the real feminine effect to her body altogether. The aura of soon to be a mother is no regular feeling.

Although being so special phase in woman’s life and body. The constant pain, fatigue, lack of energy and of course the cramps, all these are sometimes becomes just too much to handle, especially the legs; that are under immense pressure during this time because of constant hormonal changes.

It needs strength and immense courage for womento carry an individualfor a span of nine months. We ask you again,do you feel lack of strength especially on your legs? Have you tried everything in the books and still couldn’t able to find the solution that works for you? Stay with us and here are the answers to the questions you are looking for.

Are These Venous Issues Preventable?

Pregnant women do face venous issues like tiredness, swelling and aching of legs during this period. Moreover long sittings or standing exerts more pressure on the legs and prevents the blood flow back to heart causing issues like Varicose Veins.

A research suggests that nearly 30% of pregnant women face such problem in early or later stage of their pregnancy.

This varicose vein issue can later turn into bigger risk of thrombosis as well. So, make sure tobe a little more conscious about it before it goes out of hand.

How To Reduce The Risk of Thrombosis?

The risk of thrombosis risesup to 3 to 4 times during the pregnancy, this debatable topic can be explained by the blood composition that occurs mainly to prevent the blood loss to protect the mother during the child birth process.

Other factors involve the hormonal changes in the veins that spike the blood flow. The risk being greater during the birth or soon after that, doctors have special instructions set that needs to be followed for benefits of a health life.

Major Reasons That Develops Thrombosis Include

  • Rise of the blood flow up to 40-50 % in pregnancy period
  • Expansion of the venous walls due to the female sex hormone called progesterone
  • Rise in vein pressure due to child growth inside her body.
  • Blood clots formed due to inconsistent blood flow.

Take care of your legs:

Compression socks can help pregnant women in lowering the swelling and aches caused due to the increased tension around the legs. They help in regulating the vein pressure and improve the blood circulation around the legs.

They also help in reducing the risk of developing issues like varicose veins, thrombosis and venous inflammation. It is advised to start wearing these compression socks during the early stages of pregnancy itself.

Compression Socks Keep You Healthy

There are a lot of benefits of Compression socks during and post pregnancy. They help in keeping the feet healthy during pregnancy as they regulate the pressure and provide the ease to legs so that they feel light and energetic during the long day.

Another important aspect of Compression socks also help in curing the morning sickness, one of the most common issues related to pregnancy. It helps in providing relief from nausea during the primitive stages of a pregnant women cycle.

To Sum Up

The modern day technology has helped a lot of people in almost every aspect of their life, from easy transportation toonline food delivery; it all can be done quite easily.  So make sure you bring in science in your life too, especially when you are about to welcome a life.