Top 10 Ways That Can Make Your Life More Efficient and Happy


It was perhaps the most renowned philosopher of entire cosmos Socrates who once stated about the whole Philosophy of life; what he said remains an Axiom even in a most prosperous era that we are currently living. 

“If Richness is measured in terms of how much Possession that you could or should own than humans have collectively defeated their purpose of being” 

Probably in today’s Wi-Fi ecosphere the only entity that keeps us motivated is how much we can own to flaunt others, but racing on this has somehow left us in the state of total uneasiness of our own well being. 

Following a 9 to 5 routine or working 7 days a week has taken us to the cliff of endless oceans of pain, mental trauma and escaping the idea of a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent study by an American University; it was found out that 7 of every 10 ten individuals are suffering from pain, regular fatigue that slowly drawing people to premature aging and elevates their dependence on medicines. 

Let’s see ourselves where we currently are:- Pick any 5 people in your workplace, the phone book or elsewhere and ask them how often they hit the Gym? Well, it’s pretty obvious that number isn’t somewhere ideal and that’s where most of the health hazards take the lead.  

Do you want to resurface the whole platter with better health? Well, it’s not something that’s a luxury, but a necessity that has been purposely ignored by many of us. 

We’ve handpicked some of the handiest ways to live a life that’ll lead you to happiness.

  • Don’t Let Age To Fool You

  • Those who are more than 60 loves to stay in the dilemma that their body is slowly reaching its final stage. They can no longer be doing things that they want to and most of their time would now be spent in the taking prescriptions from their doctor. 

    Well, being retired means one is free from all sorts of routines and now has time to do things that makes them happy. If your uncle wants to visit Disneyland, it’s time to take out all those stuff that had been buried under the closet and get them to use. 

    Don’t let age to fool you and restricting you from doing things that you always wished for. If there are health issues, consult a Doctor and find ways to do it. Remember, Wang Deshun started his career as a model at the age of 80. What’s your excuse?

  • Be Active Each Day Every Day For At Least an Hour

  • Working out isn’t about, hitting the weights and gaining muscles, it’s making sure your biology stays active each day. 

    If the gym isn’t your thing, make a routine to at least walk a mile, if walking isn’t your thing make sure to play a game, be it badminton or anything else. Visit a health center or have an exercise Air bike in the comfort of your own place. It could be said that if you sweat once a day, the illness keeps away! 

  • Keep Up With The Positive Vibes

  • Humans are more inclined towards negativity, especially at an old age! Being not so young brings health hazards, helplessness and worrying about stuff that we have no control over. Keeping your mind in a great health can cure vulnerability of illness in a great very manner, read motivational books, telling your story to young people, becoming the mentor of someone's career, all these can foster positive vibes and keeps you happy from inside. 

  • Read a Book or Write Your Life Experiences    

  • Imagination is a sign of a healthy brain and nothings better than jotting your life experiences first hand. Not only do they help you relive those golden days again, but through those texts of past, you could help others to walk through the ramp that otherwise would not be possible. 

    Books have always played their part in one's life and reading something that keeps you guessing a great way to make progress through the day. Look for the positive sentences and learn them by heart, or at least say them over to yourself several times. 

  • Have a Hobby That Makes You Get On Every Morning

  • Do you know what’s the one thing that keeps a kid to hit the ground even in the months burning days of June? Well, it’s their desire to play and win. Similarly, being old doesn’t make you someone who’s just waiting for the day to end and get back to from where they’ve started in the morning. 

    Remember, a purpose-driven life has more value than anything else in the World. Inevitably, a hobby will always provide a way to reach out to others who are interested in the same hobby as you, thereby increasing your fulfillment through interaction with other people. 

  • Meet Your Old Pals

  • Sharing an Old School Story with your friends or sharing a laugh takes out every ounce of stress that had been growing in your head for a while. 

    If all your friends are too busy playing with their grandchildren than there’s join always an option for you to find out people on the web. You can join groups on Facebook, look out for people who share the same interests or even visit a friends place. 

    Don’t be shy to meet new people, find folks that’ll fill you with happiness and makes you feel your sense of importance.

  • Have a Pet

  • There’s an extremely famous Japanese tale of a dog Hachiko; who used to receive his master every day and that’s not what’s makes this special, in fact, he continued the same routine for seven years after his master’s demise.  

    Taking care of a pet, who cares for your help can fill you up with an utter sense of compression, that reciprocates in the form of good health and joyous mood. Taking your pet for a walk or feeding him is possibly the most satisfying thing that’s worth being a part of. 

  • Play With Kids 

  • Touching the innocence of kids by taking them to the baseball or playing with them can be as healthy as breathing in the early morning. Being their pal and discussing their play, cartoon and studies give you a friend that’s going to be unbiased and natural. 

    After all these years of working and losing your true selves in the artificial noise of people-pleasing, having a friend with decades of age difference can be a great experience.    

  • Live Life As Much As You Can While You Can

  • Nothing’s going to be last forever, passing a certain age doesn’t mean you should develop the fear of death. Go for a walk, meet new people, read a good book, participate in the weekly religious meetings without thinking of your demise is the most valuable act of kindness that you are doing it for yourself. 

  • Do One Good Thing For Others Every Day

  • The smallest act of kindness is worth more than anything else. Feed a street beggar,  encourage to a street musician or helping people who aren’t well off in their life is surely an act of goodness. 

    Make it a habit to at least one thing that cuts someone’s trouble. 

    What’s Left

    Humans are the most complex beings in the entire universe, it’s not only the body that has billions of neurological symmetry but the constant stream of thoughts that makes us do what we do. 

    The above-mentioned points are somewhere the glossary of living a healthy life both physically and mentally. We hope to see you following these activities for a much purpose-driven and happy life.