Varicose Veins: An Encyclopedia For Efficient Remedies Suggested By Experts

The modern lifestyle is wildly complex; here complexity isn’t to be aligned with comforts, convenience, and ease that it had offered, but the degree of laziness that we all have been suffering since the official inception of technology.

For a much or to be precise, we’ve not been using technology, but depending entirely on it, and as a consequence of which; we often feel cramps, constant fatigue and what not, so if you are walking or limping through a rough patch and wondering what had happened all these years,

Here’s what might catch you off the guard.

Do you know, what varicose veins are?

If you would have asked ten of your pals about varicose veins probably won’t have any clue about, what you’re talking about and TBH (To Be Honest) it’s quite fine, but do you know, what’s not cool? It's ignoring the fact that how they are capturing your body and turning it into something that’s making it looked old.

 varicose vein stockings

Have you ever noticed the bulging blue colored cords beneath your skin, probably around the legs and feet? They are usually friend zoned by patched of flooded capillaries known as spider veins.

Points To Be Noted

  • They don’t bug you as usual and basically are harmless, all they do is they become tender to touch.
  • In worst cases, they cause swollen ankles and any vein can become varicose, but the ones in feet are more vulnerable, because of one simple fact i.e. standing and walking increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body.
  • If they are not timely treated, they could even develop into a varicose ulcer, which needs to be operated ASAP.

What Are The Causes?

Okay, so most of us are aware of how blood flows in our body (besides being in liquid state) the heart does all the work of circulating the blood.

Here, one thing that has to be noted i.e. the veins present in the legs have to work against the gravity for blood to reach back to the heart. Muscles contracted in your lower legs work as a pump that makes veins to pump up at a much greater pace.

Here’re Some Causes

Number #1 Age

For sure it does have an impact on your health and as an individual gets old the elasticity in the veins doesn’t stay the same. Over a period of time, they become weak and different in color due to the deoxygenated blood that had been carried by them.

Number #2 Pregnancy

Women are more vulnerable to varicose veins and especially when they are carrying a life within them. It increases the volume of blood in the body but also decreases the flow of blood from your legs to your pelvis.

Hence, it results in enlarged veins and quite irregular blood flow. Most of the “Soon To Moms” may experience varicose veins during late pregnancy as it exerts greater pressure on the leg’s veins.

compression socks during pregnancy

Number #3 Obesity

Most of us won’t mind running on the treadmill or hitting the gym first thing in the morning; now here’s the thing that you need to know about being fit, if a person’s carrying quite a lot of mass than surely there would be added pressure on the veins that would cause the blood’s flow to be interrupted and hence make legs to go weak.

So Make Sure You Don’t Carry Those Extra Pounds as they might cost quite severely in the future.

Number #4 Sitting or Standing for Long Period of Times

People; who work in the culinary or medical profession have to be on their legs for straight 8-12 hours a day. Not only does that make their veins to stretch an extra mile, but also the blood flow isn’t regular as it should be. Hence, it’s obvious to feel fatigued and tired.

compression socks for travel

Number #5Family History

Genes and genetic have impacted quite heavily on a lot of characters a person have. Be it the habits, traits or even diseases. The probability of getting any sort of disease would become much more evident, in case you’ve got a family history related to it.

Even experts have said it on occasion that just like any other traits; varicose does have an impact on you.

What Are The Treatments?

Leg doctors who are famously called as physiotherapists have said on multiple occasion about the treatment one needs to acknowledge. For example, if a person doesn’t have any problem while standing on legs for a straight number of hours (That may vary from 5 to 8 hours)or climbing stairs, then there aren’t any measures you need to consider.

However, if there are some symptoms of constant fatigue, discomfort, and unbearable pain, make sure to see a doctor and follow the prescriptions you got. 

What Experts Are Suggesting?

According to the Authors of the book“Sclerotherapy: Treatment of Varicose and Telangiectatic Leg Veins”; it was found that soldiers used to wrap their legs with a leather strap to improve blood circulation during long marches.

 medical compression socks

Well, those were nothing but compression socks today, we’ve got modern socks that are much more sophisticated designed to provide consistent pressure in the legs helping blood to flow back towards the heart.

Be it a stylish sports or maternity compression socks; it fundamentally works to exert more pressure near the ankle for a squeeze that promotes blood flow.  So, to a certain point; it does help in preventing any sort of pain or fatigue.

What Studies Are Suggesting?

  • During a famous study performed by a reputed American university; it was found out that wearing compression stocking with the pressure of 18 to 21 millimeters of mercury for anywhere between 5 to 7 days would reduce the pain considerably
  • Another famous study ( proofs that wearing compression stocking or socks prevent swelling during pregnancy.

Overall, wearing compression stockings pregnancy would keep you healthier, relaxed and fresh all day long.

When or How Often Should You Wear Compression Socks?

Most of the people often wear these socks during the day, because sitting upright would more likely to cause circulation problems.

But, if a person is suffering from varicose, we suggest you use it at night. But before, trying it out, we advise our readers to consult a doctor for better results.


  • Compression stockings or socks are extremely beneficial in reducing leg fatigue, pains, and varicose pains
  • Consulting a doctor before wearing them would be highly beneficial to prevent any kind of allergies and side-effects
  • Varicose veins should not be taken lightly as they later can cause a lot of trouble, especially when someone is pregnant
  • Age is an added factor that’s primarily responsible for it