Why Compression Socks Is More Than Just a Socks

World is changing drastically day by day and so are the issues related to our health and well-being. Modern lifestyle has made our living quite comfortable, but we are not meant to be so easy going creature!

Hence issues related to health are also rising on the similar pace. Although science is working hard to ease out such health concerns and make our life healthy. For example, Compression socks is one such invention that caters issues like stabilization of the blood flow after surgery, curing circulatory problems, varicose veins and swelling.

They help in providing adequate pressure so that the blood circulation is stabilized and no blockage of blood happens in the veins. These magical foot wearers also help in preventing any clotting in the vein and thus make blood to flowwithout any sort of obstruction.


Do you know the prime cause of muscle pains and leg fatigue? Well, they happen because of lack of oxygen, if the oxygen supply isuniform and regular, it automatically minimizes muscle pain.


Primarily these socks were used by people on long bed rests but now they are redesigned and have been constantly helping sportspersons, nurses, travellers, pregnant women and many others.

These new socks are embedding with copper ions to provide adequate compression required as per the level of exertion a body does.

Moreover the copper ions embedded in the socks acts as natural agent that fights bacteria / germs to protect skin from infections and odor.

Everyone can wear Compression socks but if you experience these symptoms they can benefit you a lot.

Are you experiencing following symptoms? Well, make sure to pick a pair of compression socks Now!

  • Soreness and tiredness in feet
  • Cramping of calf muscles
  • Swollen foot
  • Varicose veins
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Improper circulation of blood
  • Clotting of blood
  • Sore muscles after physical exercise
  • Bad odor
  • Infection on Foot

Compression socks can help in getting ease from swellings, cramping and other issues like varicose veins by stabilizing the blood circulation. Whether you are an athlete or recovering from a foot injury, these can surely help in relieving your pain. And, they do work most number of time!

Tips for Proper Use

If you have never used compression socks before and require additional information to familiarizeyou to this game, use the following tips for their optimal benefits.

  • Begin wearing them in Morning

When you wake up, the inflammation and swelling of your legs are at their lowest level, so it will be easy to wear the socks in the morning.

  • Moisturize the Legs

Our legs get dry especially in winters, so you need to moisturize them well before you put on the socks. In addition to that you can add a lawyer of baby powder for better hygiene.

  • Pressure Check

Ideal compression socks should be tight around the calves and the pressure should diminish up the calve muscle. Along with that the socks should fit around 2 inch below your knee and its heel should ideally fit to your heel. If you face any improper pressure or fit, you should try some different size.

  • Maintain the level

Over the day the socks may get down as elasticity may vary according to the brand you use. It is vital that you keep a check on the compression that it provides throughout the day. Avoid the wrinkles for better results.

  • Care Matters

Compressions socks can last for years if you take proper care of them. Although it is advisable to have at-least 2 pairs of socks so you can change them on alternate days.

  • Avoid Wearing in Bed

You should avoid wearing the compression socks in your bed. The concept of the socks being a pressure regulator to your daily activity, so when you rest there is no need of the compression to your veins.

To Sum Up

We hope you had a great time going through our write up and will surely implement above mentioned points in your lifestyle. People from all walks of life have able to boost their productivity multiple folds, check it out today and say goodbye to soar feet!