Varicose Veins: Is Compression Socks a Solution?

Are you suffering from constant leg fatigue? Is it too much for you to wake up every morning and walk down the road to pick up your morning daily?

Does your childhood dream of participating in a marathon seem too much of a commitment? Well, if so we can help you up in keeping your gloveson with the magical Compression socks!

They have come up as a realistic solution to heal the symptoms of the varicose vein and remove the pain associated to this issue.

“The reason for the visibility of this vein being the accumulation of blood into the tiny valves of the veins instead of running swiftly to the heart”

This may looked like a pretty non concerning issue, as what bad a little nerve would do to your leg? Nowadays most doctors also recommend Compression socks to regulate the blood flow, controls the varicose veins to get worse and helps in lowering the pain associated with it.

Compression Socks: Does it really work? Well, They Actually Do!

Compression socks are inspired from the Ancient concept of sclera therapy where the Roman soldiers used to wrap their legs with leather for better circulation while doing long marches.

Today these socks have more sophisticated design with proper pressure regulation technique that helps in regulating the blood flow in the legs. The region around ankle and feet are under higher pressure so that blood flow remains proper during its way back to heart.

Research also suggests that compression socks can also help in curing other symptoms related to varicose veins. There are various types of socks catering different issues with different pressure.

Some Studies Have Also Revealed

  1. 18-21 mm pressure helps in relieving the aches and pains caused by varicose pain if used for at least one week
  2. 22 mm Pressure helps in controlling the swelling of legs during the pregnancy period if used for 6 months.

It’s better to use Compression socks rather than going for a Varicose vein surgery.

Compression Socks: Types and Uses

As the symptoms associated to varicose veins varies from person to person, Compression socks also vary as per pressure and type.

Type of Compression Socks Include

Pantyhose Support: These types of socks are not very tight and exert very less pressure. So they can be used for casual walks, Gym, sports training

Prescription Socks: They exert higher pressure as compared to Compression socks and used mainly for Medical purposes only.

Compression Socks: Right Way to Use

Usually people prefer wearing the Compression socks during day time as the usual sitting and moving because the circulation issue and thus the socks are more effective during this time.

Although doctors may recommend the use of Compression socks during the night as well but you should avoid if you are not comfortable.

Things You Need To Take Care of

Wearing compression socks all day long may create a little discomfort due to its high pressure around the legs. You should always keep your foot dry and clean. If you apply any lotion, do wait for it to get absorbed before you wear the socks.

Some of the Issues Related to the Compression Socks includes

  • Broken Skin
  • Skin Irritation
  • Discomfort
  • Temporary Dents in the Skin

Compression socks are not the only thing you need to cure the varicose vein issue but it can help in getting rid of the pain and swelling associated with it.Also you should choose the right fit and take care of the hygiene to get the best results.

To Sum Up

We really hope you had a great time going through our blog and would surely give a thought over the points we’ve mentioned above.