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The Copper Infused Medico Compression Socks

Are you suffering from swelling in feet, constant fatigue, tiredness and symptoms like TAT (Tired All The Time) Well, don't panic as we’ve got your back? 

Presenting highly sophisticated and scientifically proven medico compression socks that have been manufactured with a highly advanced technology beneficial for not only to regulate your blood flow, but also helps in keeping the quotient of style up.

“Infused with Copper ions our Compression Socks(15-20mmHG) are designed to support your feet &provide you an absolute comfort all day long.”

“Finally, A Comfortable Compression Socks That
Will Benefit Everyone!”


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At medico compression socks, we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so there is no risk when it comes to trying our socks first! If you are unhappy with your purchase, for whatever reason, we will not hesitate to refund 100% of your money. (No questions asked!) We are proud to have incredibly loyal and satisfied customers who love our products and we know you will too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the right compression level for me?

We offer compression socks in two classes: 


Class 1(15-20 mmHg): Recommended for travelers, long working hours (Sitting/Standing), Varicose veins, pain and swelling in legs & feet, During or post Pregnancy etc. Most of the sportsperson also use Class 1 compression socks.


Class 2( 20-25 mmHg): You should use this type of Compression socks only if any doctor or Physiotherapist prescribed that to you. We advise you to consult your doctor first before using this level of Compression.


If you are using compression for the non-medical purpose we recommend you the class 1 compression socks.

What is the right size for me?

While choosing the size, the most vital factor is your ankle & calf circumference. Size of your foot is the secondary factor here. Compression socks apply high pressure around your ankle and then the pressure decreases gradually up the leg. 


Use the size chart on our website to find the perfect fit for you.


If you are confused between two sizes, choose one that fits best around your ankle.

How secure is my online order?

All information that you enter while purchasing online via credit card are secured under SSL security. Your information is SSL-encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider's network, where your card and transaction is authorized and approved.

We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) and PayPal payments. We do not accept personal checks, money orders, direct bank transfers, debit card payments, or cash on delivery.

Are there any exchange rates?

We accept payments in US dollars only. If your credit card is based in another currency, your total order will be calculated in accordance with the daily exchange rate of the date your card issuer processes the transaction.

Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is FREE everywhere in the United States. Anywhere else shipping rates apply.

Please contact for more information.

When will my order arrive?

Standard shipping option will take 7-14 business days for the product to arrive. Once the order has been shipped, we will email the tracking information to you within 24 hours as tracking information takes around 24 hours to get displayed at backend.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order by sending us an email at

Return Policy

Medicosocks wants you to be beyond satisfied with your experience with us so we have made returning or exchanging products easy.

You can purchase with confidence because you are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the product you ordered for a full refund of the product price.

How to get a refund or initiate an exchange? Contact our support team at for a pre-paid return label.

Send your product back using the pre-paid return label. All charges are fully refundable when the product is received back at our warehouse.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality, products AND an equally stellar customer experience.