Criss Cross - Compression Socks
Criss Cross - Compression Socks
Criss Cross - Compression Socks
Criss Cross - Compression Socks
Criss Cross - Compression Socks
Criss Cross - Compression Socks

Criss Cross - Compression Socks

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Size Calf Circumference
Small/Medium 9-13 Inches / 23-32 Centimeters
Large/X-Large 13-18 Inches / 32-46 Centimeters
XX-Large 18-22 Inches / 46-54 Centimeters

Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.

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Our medical grade compression socks are perfectly crafted to relieve legs stress in your golden years. If used regularly these compression helps reduce the chronic pain associated with getting older, particularly if you have issues such as varicose veins or ankle and knee issues.The graduated compression level helps in boosting the blood flow thus reducing the swelling, which is often associated with pain. At “Medico” we have compression knee-high socks that fit for every type of occasion.
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Don’t be fool by opting for itchy and flimsy synthetic hose compression socks when you have the alternative to buying the best colorful compression socks by the brand, “ MedicoSocks.” For long-term comfort as well as giving a stylish approach, the socks are a sophisticated as well as spectacular choice. You can feel the authenticity of these high-quality fabric socks just by wearing them.

The cycling compression socks are helpful in the treatment of a variety of medical ailments or conditions. For example, it can be used to cure problems like edema, achy legs and swelling; thus, it has become a competent option for a long period. Featuring diverse applicability, these socks can be used for a number of conditions like sports, maternity, nursing, traveling and much more. The product is also available in different sizes. Thus, you can easily order as per your convenience and requirements.

Featuring the progressive stretch technology, the high compression socks help in making a perfect fit for all day and long hours of sitting, standing or any type of exercises. The ideal compression level provides the perfect fit without any feeling of pressure tightness. The long-lasting durability of the compression socks, even after a frequent wash, is the result of the high-quality material, seams and cuffs. Furthermore, socks are organically breathable, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. The compression socks help in enhancing oxygen level, stamina, and blood flow; therefore, it enhances the performance while playing or performing any physical activity you choose. Know the details by looking below.

✔ Rectangular-print Graphic Design.

✔ Red, green and black blend.

✔ For men and women.

✔ Progressive Stretch Technology

✔ Excellent vascular toning Effects

✔ High-quality Fabric.

✔ Availability - small to extra large

✔ Graduated compression level

✔ Improves Blood Circulation

✔ No slip.

✔ Perfect fit with adequate pressure.

✔ Reduces pain, clotting, varicose veins, and other ailments.

✔ Suitable for joggers, cross-fit training programs, running, pregnant women.

✔ Moisture-wicking Technology.

✔ Creates temperature-maintenance effect.

✔ 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.


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All same as description beautiful x my wife


loved this item... really recommended... fast delivery and good quality... good deal


Love them


True compression socks. The red has the white in between the threads when stretched but I suppose it can't be helped. Great for the price.


Great socks, well made and really fun. Super seller and fast delivery will buy from again.