Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks
Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks
Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks
Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks
Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks
Blue Band Hearts  - Compression Socks

Blue Band Hearts - Compression Socks

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Size Calf Circumference
Small/Medium 9-13 Inches / 23-32 Centimeters
Large/X-Large 13-18 Inches / 32-46 Centimeters
XX-Large 18-22 Inches / 46-54 Centimeters

Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.

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Our medical grade compression socks are perfectly crafted to relieve legs stress in your golden years. If used regularly these compression helps reduce the chronic pain associated with getting older, particularly if you have issues such as varicose veins or ankle and knee issues.The graduated compression level helps in boosting the blood flow thus reducing the swelling, which is often associated with pain. At “Medico” we have compression knee-high socks that fit for every type of occasion.
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To make compression socks go with the trend, “MedicoSocks” brand has launched a variety of graphic-featured socks. The colorful compression socks will help your feet and legs active. Socks comprising a blue band over the calf area have heart-shaped designs on the socks. These compression socks help in pain management by alleviating the condition of tiredness and wellness.

The multi-featured properties of sport compression socks are an ideal solution for traveling and maternity conditions. The graduated compression level, of the socks, provides the adequate or optimum level of pressure assertion on the foot and calf area. Furthermore, it enhances blood circulation without any toe pinching.

The athletic performance increases as the result of the blood circulation after wearing these compression socks. The socks are effective in treating the condition of shin splints, recovery in after-work outposts and strain-affected areas.

The effect of compression socks is not only restricted to alleviating strain-affected conditions but many more; the socks are efficient in curing a variety of medical ailments. For example, leg swelling, plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, etc. Therefore, investment in medical socks can be the biggest achievement. For frequent traveling, travelers can use these socks for minimizing the conditions of DVT. The high-quality material ensures the thickness, softness, and non-irritability of the medical grade compression socks. Check out the details related to this product.

✔ Graduated compression level.

✔ For men and women.

✔ The excellent tolerance level for zero toe pinching.

✔ Heart Graphic Design.

✔ Available in the blue band.

✔ A perfect option for Everyday Use.

✔ The high-quality fabric used.

✔ From small to extra-large, different sizes are available.

✔ Advanced Technology.

✔ Provide Therapeutic Benefits. 

✔ Instant Relief from Pain and Fatigue.

✔ Reduce Friction.

✔ Suitable for travel, pregnancy, running and different purpose.

✔ Effective in treating varicose veins, spider veins, thrombosis, blood clot, etc.

✔ Optimum pressure at calves, knee and different points for the best benefits.

✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 



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Nice brand.


Like this.


Order delivery very fast.


For my european size 39 the foot is a bit too big, nevetheless nice socks


Impressive... 100% recommend.