Medico Compression socks

Medico Compression socks

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The amazing properties of copper have been largely admired by the people studying compression socks. At Medicos, we decided to come out with something that doesn’t look sketchy without giving up on the factor of health. The affordable compression socks are trendy, durable and effective covering all domains.

We’ve tried to keep everything absolutely simple and advanced by incorporating the latest trends that have not yet been utilized by others. So, shop onto some of the most stylish and healthiest pair of socks that guarantees uniform blood flow, reduces the swelling, helps in recovering from foot or leg injury and stays with you for a longer period of time. Try out our best compression socks TODAY! For more information, look at the details below.

✔ Available in Black Color

✔ For men and women

✔ Copper fibers for better circulation.

✔ Advanced Technology

✔ Excellent vascular toning effects

✔ Moisture-control technology

✔ High-quality Fabric

✔ Size availability - small to extra large

✔ Foot-padding for absorbing shocks

✔ Helpful in alleviating pain, fatigue and medical conditions like varicose veins

✔ Recommended for travelers and athletes.

✔ Graduated compression level.

✔ Therapeutic Benefits

✔ Instant Relief Effects

✔ Optimum pressure level at calves, knee, and other portions of legs.

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed