Sinewave - Compression Socks
Sinewave - Compression Socks
Sinewave - Compression Socks
Sinewave - Compression Socks
Sinewave - Compression Socks
Sinewave - Compression Socks

Sinewave - Compression Socks

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Size Calf Circumference
Small/Medium 9-13 Inches / 23-32 Centimeters
Large/X-Large 13-18 Inches / 32-46 Centimeters
XX-Large 18-22 Inches / 46-54 Centimeters

Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.

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Our medical grade compression socks are perfectly crafted to relieve legs stress in your golden years. If used regularly these compression helps reduce the chronic pain associated with getting older, particularly if you have issues such as varicose veins or ankle and knee issues.The graduated compression level helps in boosting the blood flow thus reducing the swelling, which is often associated with pain. At “Medico” we have compression knee-high socks that fit for every type of occasion.
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Check out our latest designer socks at “MedicoSocks”. MedicoSocks is offering unique products in matching with the present trend. Our compression socks are stylish as well as a competent option for meeting your daily requirements. The running compression socks have sine graphics to give it a unique look. The socks are available in pink color, which further enhance the beauty of these trendy socks with black lining.

The Achilles heel support of the sport compression socks aids extra support for Achilles tendon and prevents irritable tendons. The graduated compression level of these trendy socks helps in maximizing the performance and recovery process. The specialized design helps in protecting the shins, feet, calves and Achilles. The advanced-stitching technology helps in maintaining the compression thread at the appropriate place. The technology used in the effective compression socks maintains vascular toning effects irrespective of regular or frequent wash. Check out the essentials given below to know about this product.

✔ Sine Wave Graphic Design

✔ For men and women

✔ Available in Pink Color

✔ Advanced Technology

✔ Excellent vascular toning effects

✔ Moisture-control material used

✔ High-quality Fabric

✔ Size availability - small to extra large

✔ Foot-padding for absorbing shocks

✔ Helpful in alleviating pain, fatigue and medical conditions like varicose veins

✔ Recommended for travelers and athletes.

✔ Graduated compression level.

✔ Therapeutic Benefits

✔ Instant Relief Effects

✔ Optimum pressure level at calves, knee, and other portions of legs.

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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